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About Us

HCPC was formed in 2006 with the top Managed Care Contracting producers in the country. HCPC has over 150 seasoned consultants specializing in:

  • Value Based Health Care Contracting
  • Reimbursement Methodologies
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Government Programs

Build your networks 50% faster using our AUTOMATED CONTRACTING SYSTEM!

As health care delivery evolves, so do we. Our consultants regularly attend conferences, courses, and workshops to increase their knowledge of new CMS requirements, health plan operations and reimbursement models. We have developed several Accountable Care Organizations, Health Care Exchange Networks, Medicaid and Medicare Expansions, and Long Term Care Networks for our clients.

Our Population Health Services assist Health Plans, Providers and Self-Funded groups in containing medical costs and managing chronic illnesses. Learn more here.

Our Leadership

President and Founder

Heather Burke

Heather has over 20 years working in the healthcare industry, specializing in strategic planning, cost savings execution, and healthcare technology management. Her passion for cultivating meaningful change combined with her background in business and healthcare management led her to build Healthcare Provider Connections in 2006. Since then, her consulting firm has expanded to over 180 consultants, working with some of those most prestigious Managed Care Organizations across the country, resulting in 30 million dollars in sales.


With over 150 consultants at the ready, HCPC can build a very robust network in a short period of time…locally, regionally, and nationally


Our Services

Network Development

HCPC represents Health Plans and TPA’s on a national and regional level, seamlessly building and expanding provider networks. We specialize in:
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare Advantage
  • SNP
  • LTC
  • Commercial Worker’s Comp
  • Dental Managed Care Contracting
HCPC excels in negotiating rates and redlining contract language with providers throughout the country. Our skillset and knowledge allows us to successfully contract complex systems including:
  • Large hospital systems 
  • Multi-specialty groups
  • Labs 
  • SNF’s
  • Individual providers 
  • Ancillaries 

“Reduce Your Development Time By 50% by using our automated contracting system”

HCPC utilizes a custom CRM that tracks real time provider responses and contract submissions. Whether your company is small, medium, or large, HCPC can help you grow and increase membership by building a strong network of quality health care professionals.

Population Health

Population Health and Value Based Contracting is an important part of maintaining a profitable Medicare Advantage product line. Working with your providers in risk-adjusted programs helps keep your Medicare population healthier. Our experts can help payers create their own risk adjusted programs providing successful outcomes for years to come.  
We can:
  • Implement Value-Based Contracting with your providers
  • Enhance the provider-patient relationship by providing data to prevent hospital re-admissions, unnecessary trips to the ER and chronic disease control
  • Increase Star Ratings after the first year by helping providers document each claim accurately
  • Train on process workflows utilizing Lean Six Sigma methodologies
  • IT experts and SQL coding provided  

Are you a self-funded employer group? We can help keep your medical costs down!
We have services and programs designed specifically for self-funded employer groups. HCPC will guide you to make smart healthcare choices that can cut costs by as much as 12% a year. If you are interested in learning about our employee-based programs, contact us here.


HCPC has added a new dynamic to its portfolio. Consulting. Our subject matter experts are industry leaders who can help your organization grow new product lines such as, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid or Dual Eligible plans. 

Our subject matter experts include:

    • Medicare Compliance Executives
    • Medical Directors
    • Medicare Advantage Plan Executives
    • Population Health/ACO Experts
    • Network Development Advisors
    • Population Health Care Consultants
    • Nurses
    • Project Management Green Belts and Black Belts
    • Medicaid Directors/Dual background

Our Testimonials

“Healthcare Provider Connections did a great job by quickly garnering effective contracting resources to help us build out provider networks for our Medicare Advantage Plan.”
“As a repeat customer for almost two years now, Healthcare Provider Connections is the first company we go to for consulting purposes and we keep several of her representatives almost year-round. Her billing is timely and very easy to read and understand. We also receive a breakdown of the work and progress of each consultant for each week which is very helpful to us.”
“Heather and her team of seasoned Medicaid Contracting Consultants were brought in and immediately hit the ground running. HCPC consultants were able to successfully negotiate agreements with hundreds of PCPs and Specialists in multiple counties over a very quick 60-day window to help IlliniCare meet its access requirements.

My colleagues and I were extremely impressed by the experience, knowledge and results we saw from HCPC and would not hesitate to hire them again as the opportunity arises.’’

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